Teachers Bringing Out the Best in Teachers: A Guide to Peer Consultation for Administrators and Teachers

Simon and Schuster, 02/09/2014 - 231 páginas
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Boost teacher-to-teacher collaboration and learning as a means of informal, but powerful professional development!Most teachers have experienced some kind of formal mentoring or induction program. What these programs can miss is the meaningful daily interaction with peers that builds mutual trust and instructional collaboration. Based on a unique investigative study of nearly 300 teachers, this powerful new resource provides informative teacher perspectives of informal, naturally occurring, teacher-to-teacher professional development. The authors identify the following five teacher behaviors that can positively influence other teachers’ morale, teaching skills, and professional growth:? Building healthy relationships by communicating, caring, and developing trust? Using five guiding principles for structuring learning experiences? Planning and organizing for learning? Showing and sharing? Guiding for classroom managementThis excellent resource helps school leaders promote a culture that encourages lasting professional development. In each chapter, educators share specific experiences and examples, showing each skill in action.School leaders will learn what strong teacher peer "consultants" actually do that leads to improved teacher confidence and motivation, enhanced trust and mutual respect, and reflective instructional behavior among their colleagues. These cost-effective, authentic strategies will build camaraderie and leadership in your school, engaging colleagues as a team in the vital mission of all schools-educating our youth.

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Foreword by Edith Rusch
e Case for Peer Consultation
Naturally Occurring Informal
Building Healthy Relationships
Using the Five Guiding Principles
Planning and Organizing for Learning
Showing and Sharing
Guiding for Classroom Management
Unleashing the Hidden Potential of Peer Consultation
Research Methods and Procedures
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Jo Blase is a professor of educational administration at the University of Georgia, and a former public school teacher, high school and middle school principal, and director of staff development. She currently resides in Athens, Georgia.

Joseph Blase is a professor of educational administration at the University of Georgia. He received his PhD from Syracuse University and has researched school form, the micropolitics of education, and the work lives of teachers. He currently resides in Athens, Georgia.

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