Terrorism and Oil

PennWell Corporation, 2003 - 208 páginas
In his new book, Terrorism & Oil, Neal Adams discusses the vulnerabilities faced by the global petroleum supply and infrastructure in the wake of the war on terror. Beginning with the economic impact of oil, Adams educates readers on: worldwide energy vulnerabilities; potential terrorist modes of attack; oilfields and related targets; effective preparation and response strategies. Valuable to both industry and non-industry readers, Terrorism & Oil is essential for anyone working in oil-related professions or concerned about resource security. From tool pushers to engineers; from executives to government officials and financial advisors; from city planners to rescue and response professionals; everyone will gain insight from this study on oil security issues. Terrorism & Oil will not only help you understand the impact a terrorist attack can have on the global oil industryuwith it you can be proactive in facilities security and implementing a company-wide program. Contents: Section 1: Why oil terrorism - and why should we care?; Mechanics of oil U.S. and world oil supply; Oil as a weapon; Section 2: Strategy and tactics for oil industry terrorism; Oil as a target; General risk and exposure assessment; Federal coordination; Appendices; Glossary; Bibliography.

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