Report of the Commissioners for the Revision and Reform of the Law: Revised Civil Code, November 30, 1898, Parte 1

A. J. Johnston, superintendent state printing, 1899
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Página 62 - To divide, withdraw, or in any manner pay to the stockholders, or any of them, any part of the capital stock of the corporation; or to reduce such capital stock without the consent of the legislature; or 3.
Página 420 - A trustee is a general agent for the trust property. His authority is such as is conferred upon him by the declaration of trust and by this chapter, and none other. His acts, within the scope of his authority, bind the trust property to the same extent as the acts of an agent bind his principal.
Página 24 - All elections shall be by ballot; and every white* male** citizen of the United States, of the age of twenty-one years, or upwards, who has been a resident of the State for one year, and of the Legislative District of Baltimore city, or of the county, in which he may offer to vote, for six months next preceding the election, shall be entitled to vote, in the ward or election district in which he resides, at all elections hereafter to be held in this State...
Página 274 - ... for a term not exceeding one year, is void as against any subsequent purchaser or mortgagee of the same property, or any part thereof, in good faith and for a valuable consideration, whose conveyance is first duly recorded, and as against any judgment affecting the title, unless such conveyance shall have been duly recorded prior to the record of notice of action.
Página 492 - Where one has a lien upon several things, and other persons have subordinate liens upon, or interests in, some but not all of the same things, the person having the prior lien, if he can do so without risk of loss to himself, or of injustice to other persons, must resort to the property in the following order, on the demand of any party interested: 1.
Página 286 - ... heirs or devisees, subject to the power of the superior court to assign the same for a limited period to the family of the decedent ; but in no case shall it, or the products, rents, issues or profits thereof be held liable for the debts of the owner, except as provided in this title...
Página 336 - Undue influence consists: 1. In the use, by one in whom a confidence is reposed by another, or who holds a real or apparent authority over him, of such confidence or authority for the purpose of obtaining an unfair advantage over him; 2.
Página 20 - Willful neglect is the neglect of the husband to provide for his wife the common necessaries of life, he having the ability to do so ; or it is the failure to do so by reason of idleness, profligacy, or dissipation.
Página 175 - States, for the transfer and issuing of their stock ; and a transfer or issue of the same at any such transfer agency, in accordance with the provisions of its by-laws, is valid and binding as fully and effectually for all purposes as if made upon the books of such corporation at its principal office within this state. The agencies must be governed by the by-laws and the directors of the corporation.
Página 511 - One who pays to the owner any part of the price of real property, under an agreement for the sale thereof, has a special lien upon the property, independent of possession, for such part of the amount paid as he may be entitled to recover back, in case of a failure of consideration.